Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I don't usually post cakes here without a matching cake pop but these two cakes are for two special people. The wigwam cake was for my dad's birthday today; when I showed him the big book of cake ideas, I just KNEW he'd plump for this one. Happy 67th birthday, you big bairn!

The playful kitten ruining a perfectly decent ball of wool is inspired by my mum's ginger cat. He's long past being a kitten, but could still give a ball of wool a run for its money. I made this lemon cake for mother's day. Happy mother's day to my lovely mammy!

I'm very lucky to have such great parents. All I can give them in return is far too much cake, and a quiet thanks for their constant support and for saving me six months ago xx

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  1. Can you give us the recipe and some tips to make one ? I'd love to try for my son's birthday. He turns 4 and would love it !