Sunday, 1 April 2012

Clandestine Cake Club - March

At February’s Newcastle Clandestine Cake Club, Sky TV filmed a moving appeal for men to come forward and eat cake. The response was overwhelming and an unprecedented 6 (SIX) men turned up to March’s event.

The cake ladies were ready and waiting: we had a candle-lit room and loads of alcohol hidden inside the cakes. This month's theme was "Cakes with Beverages" and some cakes contained an entire bottle of booze – special mention must go to Lauren’s amazing Jamaican black rum cake.

There are now so many cakes at each event – tonight’s had 18 - that it's impossible to try them all, so I went for Nelly's Shirley Temple cake (read more here) Emily's lemonade cake, Lisa’s dandelion and burdock cake and the  aforementioned Jamaican black cake, after which things went a bit blurry. I had made a coconut milk cake from Marian Keyes' new cookbook but it vanished into the night and never returned my calls. Luckily when I baked the cake the mixture spilled into the centre of the bundt ring creating a small, separate cake for me to enjoy at home. The technical term for this is "cake win".

Thanks to Blackfriars restaurant for allowing us to hold the event in their beautiful Banquet Hall. It claims to be Britain's oldest dining room as it was a monks’ refectory in the 13th century and today serves excellent food whether or not you've taken a vow of chastity and silence. Thanks as ever to Lisa for organising the event.  The Clandestine Cake Club now has over 60 clubs in the UK and overseas - if you'd like to make new friends and eat a lot of cake, visit the website to find your local cake club or to learn how to set one up.

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  1. Such a wonderful night! It was great to meet you and I absolutely ADORED your cake. I might have to find that recipe. I even managed to nab a slice to enjoy at home later on! Thank you :)