Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Six years ago I adopted a grey and white kitten, called her Mia and loved her with all my heart.

A semi-feral hard lass from Elswick, Mia was quick to establish herself as top cat in the house. She ruled by the tenet of "spare the rod and spoil the kitten" when William and Isobel joined the family. 

Mia was also a big softie, never happier than when she was curled up on my lap. If another cat had got there first, she'd simply boot them off and take their place. Mia loved tuna, curling up with her best friend Maddie, and making eyes at young men almost to the point of embarrassment.

She also liked running across the road without looking both ways and last weekend her luck finally ran out. She was hit by a car and killed instantly. 

I am grateful for the six years we had together and heartbroken that we don't have more. 

Night night baby girl x


  1. Such a shame, poor Mia, a lovely tribute to her x

  2. That's a lovely tribute, she'd be purring at that :)

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry Kate, she was lovely & ever since first seeing her I have hankered after a grey & white kitten. It must have been dreadful when you found out but thankfully it was instant, no time to suffer. I doubt that there was a more spoilt/loved cat in the whole of Newcastle, she was lucky she picked you as her human! Lots of love x x Beverly

  4. Just read your post with tears in my eyes. We had a cat we really loved who got killed on the road. It was like loosing a family member. I don't know you but am sorry for your loss.