Friday, 22 July 2011

London nommage

On Tuesday Helen and I arrived in London and, peckish as ever, headed straight for Bea's of Bloomsbury for afternoon tea. 
I had a feta, houmous and courgette sandwich, a delicious combination I've never tried before. Then we got straight to business with a lovely stack of scones and cakes. Special mention must go to the financier and to the blonde brownie. As well as Bea's cakes, we liked her lampshades and artwork.

Stupidly we later decided to haul our stomachs up 200 steps at Covent Garden tube station and nearly came a cropper. We'd gone to London not only for the nommage, but to see Rufus and Martha Wainwright at the Royal Opera House with tickets very kindly given to me by my friend Keith. As Helen and I necked champagne cocktails before the performance, we were thrilled to see Bellatrix Lestrange at the bar looking well, despite being killed only two days earlier by Julie Walters. 

The next day we trotted around Primrose Hill breathing in its superness and gazing at things we couldn't afford. One shop was rehoming kittens and we had cuddles from some nine week old cuties. I was very tempted to take a couple home but I knew the kind of bullying they'd get.
Spare the rod and spoil the child
Instead I contented myself with this cat from Liberty's. I disregarded the fact that it is a child's plate and I already love it. I use it for putting cake on.

By 3pm it was time for afternoon tea, this time at Fortnum and Mason's. Han took me there three years ago to try their ice cream sundaes when we went to London on a stalking theatre trip. It was time for Helen to be initiated. The sundaes are so good it's hard to choose - the ginger and honey beekeeper? the one with all the nuts? mint choc chip and kendal mint cake? In the end we both plumped for the Lazy Day Sundae with vanilla and strawberry ice creams, fresh strawberries, whipped cream and what did it for me, meringue. The waiter asked if we wanted one to share. As if! In truth the ice creams were so enormous that one between two might have been a good idea. Still, we did our best.
Spot the difference
There was just time to stagger over the road to Laduree to buy macarons for the journey home. We got green apple (quite sour), rose (gorgeous) and salted caramel (sweet baby Jesus I have died and gone to heaven). Bye bye London - you've got the noms!

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