Friday, 28 October 2011

Hallowe'en Cakes

This week I visited Angharad, Osian and Mari in Caernarfon. Angharad asked if I didn't mind a bit of a busman's holiday making a cake with the children for Halloween, or Calan Gaeaf as it's celebrated in north Wales. I'm always happy to make cake and popped a few baking bits and bobs in my overnight bag. Everyone travels with piping bags, yes? 

I was pleased with the Halloween cakes I made at home last week 

and decided to make some more 'bones' from meringue. We bought butter at the Waitrose where Kate Middleton is sometimes spotted shopping for Will's tea, but sadly I didn't see her. Angharad's friend recently saw the Duchess of Cambridge filling her car with petrol LIKE A NORMAL PERSON and locals say that she doesnt 'have anyone in' to help with housework. She's so great. 

The children learned how to make the swirl on top of a cupcake and Mari decorated them with the bones. 
Earlier in the day we'd visited Beaumaris to indulge Osian's interest in Norman castles and playing football, Mari's interest in jumping in puddles, and my and Angharad's interest in eating ice cream at the Red Boat Cafe. They make fantastic ice cream in all kinds of flavours and we enjoyed rhubarb crumble, Irish cream, marshmallow and jelly baby ice cream. No one was brave enough to try cheese and onion flavour though. 

Here's a photo of us atop Beaumaris castle with the Menai Strait in the background.
I also took a picture of Mari playing in the castle's chapel. Quite how a snap of an angelic little girl turned out this eery I don't know - look at the shadow on the table, it's like Satan's pitchfork. 
Thanks for having me to stay. Happy Hallowe'en, Calan Gaeaf Hapus!

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