Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Trick or treat cake pops

Halloween has become a lot more popular in Britain since I was a child growing up in Newcastle. In my day, Halloween meant scraping a lantern out of turnip (yes, turnip!) and going round the neighbours asking for money (yes, money!). Not any more, it's all pumpkins and treats. I'm not complaining - pumpkins are way easier to carve and I have absolutely no problem with treats. In fact I've been making some today. Here are my Halloween cake pops.

I find these pumpkin cake pops a tiny bit scary. Like they are laughing at me.
Eyeball cake pops. Blue, like Daniel Craig's. Looking at me, unlike Daniel Craig's.
Skull cake pops, cauldron cake pops, and Frankenstein cake pops. I was pleased with my idea of using silver dragees for the bolts in Frankenstein's neck.

I saw these ghost cake pops in a book on Cake Pops that has just been published. It's the best book I've seen on cake pops as it gives detailed tips on making and decorating them and is full of great ideas.
Lastly, there is my little homage to Blackadder - heads on sticks in Traitor's Cloister.
Ointment! That's what you need when your head's been cut off.
        That's what I gave your sister Mary when they done her. "There, there"
        I said, "you'll soon grow a new one."
So these are the Halloween treats. But where is the trick?
One of these cake pops is actually a Brussels sprout. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! 


  1. Individually those are a delight. Collectively they are genius. Homicidal of course.

  2. Ahh yes, the turnip scraping was a familiar sight in owa 'ouse too, by the time we finished scraping my hand would be red raw from gripping the spoon (yes spoon) too tightly.

    Nice treats & great idea for a trick, I've heard of something similar with covering a sprout in chocolate & wrapping in a ferrero rocher wrapper!