Friday, 17 June 2011

AIOTM (aiotm) cake pops

I'm in London this week and tret mesel to a night of comedy on Monday. I saw the live recording of As It Occurs to Me, a free weekly podcast written by Richard Herring and performed at the Leicester Square Theatre for an audience of hairy men who work in IT and like self-referential, puerile filth. I certainly like this, even though I don't work with computers or have a beard.

Earlier that day I'd left the cast some AIOTM cake pops to enjoy during rehearsals or to throw into the audience that evening, calling "they're nice, they're like little cakes on a stick. See if you can catch this and write some porn about it going in your vagina or something". With a sales technique like this, perhaps Herring should rethink his stance on not doing adverts. 
He also kindly complained in his daily blog that these little cakes were making him put on weight. Sales are bound to rocket for "What Is Love Anyway programme sponsor Cake Poppins". Until now I've relied on promotion by word of mouth, which is highly effective and hasn't cost me a cocoa bean. However Richard Herring's free podcasts, both AIOTM and Collings & Herrin, helped me through a difficult time last year and I felt it was time to say thanks.

Richard Herring produces a programme for his UK tour each year and instead of charging the audience for it, asks for a donation to SCOPE, raising about £40,000. The production and printing of the programme is funded through donation and advertising - I spotted my opportunity. Instead of merely making a donation, the shrewd business woman hiding inside me decided to take a quarter page advert for his new show, What Is Love, Anyway? I am pleased with the advert, even if I do have to sing Howard Jones 1983 hit every time I see it. 
Fitz has pointed out that there is minimal overlap between comedy nerds and people who love cake, even offering to draw a Venn diagram with only me in the middle, in a world where I have to sell cakes to myself. Which is about as self-referential as you can get. But surely beardy men know that women find flowers boring and that what they really want is some little cakes sporting an obscure comedy reference or a differential equation? Just nothing worthy of a restraining order, please.

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