Thursday, 16 June 2011

Illustrated cake pops for Helen

My cousin Helen Hancocks is finishing her degree at Manchester School of Art this month and her final year show is open for viewing from this Friday. I love her work and, independent of all familial feeling, believe that she will do brilliantly in the world of illustration. She is very dedicated, has a great imagination and great skill that allows her to bring her ideas to life. She also makes lovely cakes.
If any children's book publishers are reading (they're bound to be) I urge you to print her story of a penguin being stolen from Dublin Zoo. It's fantastic and is based on a true story. Admittedly the bad guys being a trio of cats is artistic licence.
My office is like a small gallery of her prints and drawings. If you would like to see more of her work you can call around and have a sneck, or visit her website or go to her final year show at Manchester Metropolitan University from 17 to 22 June. Sadly I can't be there in person but I will be there both in spirit and in cake, having made some cake pops as a tribute to her trademark cat drawing.

The cake pops are intended for her opening night tomorrow Friday 17 June so get there early. The cappuccino ones, however, might already have gone... 

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