Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Brighton Still Rocks!

Tuesday morning and Dylan was as excited as ever to be in the Hotel du Vin. Look at his little face as he races downstairs!
We went out for breakfast and found another dog-friendly café that served us scrambled eggs and tea. I was keen to investigate Brighton’s famous ChoccyWoccyDooDah shop and café. Their chocolate cakes are very skillful and very kitsch.

Unfortunately their café was not dog-friendly so we didn’t get to try their food. We visited Montezumas instead.
I was torn as to which British pudding chocolate bar to try and plumped for apple crumble, which barely saw the afternoon. 
Elevenses was an excellent chocolate and pistachio tiffin that was vegan but certainly didn't taste "vegan". It tasted like heaven.
Go on, please, just a nibble. Please. Oh, you cow. 
Strangely we weren’t that hungry for lunch, though Petra managed to eat some more eggs. We dragged our stomachs and Dylan to the beach for another blustery walk while we planned our next doggy holiday around Hotel du Vin's locations. Cheltenham is looking like our next stop as it will dovetail nicely with a baking course. Perhaps the chain should adopt the strapline "Hotel du Vin - Avec son Chien" My French isn't great but I think that even rhymes.
I am on the train home now, trying to look nonchalant while eating an 9" sachertorte on my way. I am very much looking forward to seeing my kitties as I miss them terribly when I am away. Dylan, however, remains unconvinced.

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