Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Modelling Work

Today I was asked to do a little modelling work. Not the kind where you try on clothes and scowl, I am never asked to do that. It's a shame because I am excellent at scowling. This was sugar paste modelling based on a little boy's favourite soft toy.

Last month I copied a hippo and the hippo's birthday cake for three year old Samuel from one of his favourite books. Children pay a lot of attention to the detail in illustration, and I was warned that the party hat and party streamer were key elements.
Apparently Samuel was thrilled with his cake, which is always a pleasure to hear. 

Today's animal was a little dog called Patch, who reminds me of the Snoopy dog I had when I was eight. Patch is going on top of a banana cake that his mum is baking for him. He's a lucky boy because his mum makes delicious cakes. Happy first birthday, Noah!

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