Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Oh God I am so full

I bought a Mac in March and after a few weeks of it doing nothing but looking shiny, I decided to learn how to use it properly and signed up for tutorials at the Apple store. I always enjoy my one to one at the Newcastle Apple store because a) I learn lots b) the people are lovely and c) I treat myself to an ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery. The Fifth Avenue Apple store is open 24 hours a day but I wasn't that keen, so I was booked a tutorial at an Apple store on Broadway. I walked there through Central Park eating a pretzel and couldn't have felt more New York if I'd turned into a hotdog and shouted 'GET OUTTA MY WAY LADY'.

After the tutorial I met Fitz, ostensibly for lunch but really so I could give him my Mac and not have to lug it round all afternoon. Ha! He'll never know. Anyway he'll be too busy trying to digest his mammoth pastrami sandwich. 

I headed to Chelsea Market, a food market in an old biscuit factory. Its entrance has a handy 3D map of all its foodie shops - my journey (short meandering walk) started on the right of the map, neatly bypassed anywhere selling lobster and fish, and ended at the far left at the gelato stall.
Here be noms
I bought two initialled mugs at Anthropologie for the drinking of tea. You can never have too many mugs.

Next door was the famous Eleni's Cookies for inspiration...

and a little treat for me.

It's true, I bloody do gingerbreadman New York.

Cheek by jowl with the cookies was the Fat Witch Bakery - witches being brownies - and I got their classic.

It was OK but had an odd taste (the vanilla?) and I've certainly had better, most recently the brownies Mel made for the garden party. I'd been urged to try the cookies at Amy's Bread so it seemed rude not to.

The lime cornmeal was fantastic, I love the grittiness of polenta and could happily have eaten another. I looked at the cheese in Lucy's Whey but bought only a beer and pretzel caramel. Sounds disgusting but it was gorgeous, slightly bitter from the beer and salty and crunchy from the pretzel. Again, I could have eaten another but the ice cream was calling.

It is always difficult to choose an ice cream flavour and I was ready to settle for stracciatella until I asked what zenzero meant. Ginger. So delicious it barely made it to the photo shoot.
I thought that was enough scoffing for the day, but we ate out for dinner and the dessert menu offered s'more pie. I have never heard of a s'more but according to Wikipedia it is "a traditional nighttime campfire treat popular in the US and Canada, consisting of a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker". I might have tried some camping if they'd been handing out s'mores. The pie was an adult take on a childhood treat, less a layer of chocolate and more a rich chocolate ganache.

It was fantastic and made me so full I feel like I won't be able to sleep. Too bad because I've got to get up early for a flight to Toronto for some of Canada's finest bakeries with some of Canada's finest people. 

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