Friday, 13 May 2011

Lots of cakes/Beaucoup de gateaux*

After a light breakfast of croissants and baguette, we headed back to Queen St East to cash in Sarah's giftcard for 12 mini cupcakes at Life is Sweet.

We also went to a children's clothes shop that had a grey African parrot that danced and talked for us

a children's book store that had pet rabbits

and a pet store that sold decorated cakes and cookies so pretty we asked if they really were pet treats (they were).

Now I'm as keen on animals as the next person, particularly if the next person is a mad cat lady who genuinely believes they love her, but even I think this is a step too far.

We had lunch at Dufflet, opting for soup in order to leave plenty of room for cake. The choice was overwhelming. 

I fell back on my general rule that the plainer-looking the cake, the better it tastes, and chose a slice of lemon bundt cake. Sarah had a slice of four fruit pie; Charlie had nothing because he was asleep in his pushchair. You snooze, you lose, kiddo. We also shared a little butter tart.

All the cakes were excellent and I think Duflett might well get my vote for best bakery of the trip. Nice art, too.

We headed home to drink tea and eat the mini cupcakes, by which time Charlie was awake and able to join in the cake fun. Look how happy he is!

* my dad once told me that in Canada everything you say in English has to be repeated in French. I believed him. I was nine.

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