Friday, 5 August 2011

Broderie Anglaise

Today is my mum's birthday. I had set my alarm for 6am to get up early and make her a cake. When the alarm went off, I fancied lying in for a bit longer and denying I'd ever intended to make mammy a cake, but a hard stare from the cat told me to get cracking.

I'd chosen as inspiration for the cake a pink summer dress that my mum bought me when I was seven. My sister Lucy had the same dress and we wore them to my aunt Valentine's wedding. They were traditional broderie anglaise with a scalloped edge sewn with a buttonhole stitch. Unfortunately the only photo I could find of these dresses was a bit faded; even more unfortunately the photos are of us doing our favourite thing of trampolining, so the detail is  blurred. But look how excited we are! A year after the wedding we must have been growing out of these dresses, so my mother went for maximum usage by letting us trampoline in them.
The cake is a ginger cake because we all love it. I've got lots of recipes for sticky gingerbread cake that tastes fantastic but probably wouldn't stand up to the rigours of stacking and covering, so I added ginger and cinnamon to a classic sponge recipe and hoped for the best. To make it extra gingery I added a ginger syrup and a ginger and lemon buttercream.

As well as loving ginger cake, my mum loves her ginger cat. If Ridley had a little finger, she would be wrapped right round it. I made some chocolate orange cake pops as an homage to the bad little bugger.
Almost indistinguishable
Once the cake was done, my mum and I went into town and chose her a new handbag. I treated her to a scone and a cup of tea, then for tea we had chips from the chip shop. Really, she lives like a queen and is lucky to have me. And I am very lucky to have her. 

Happy birthday mammy! xxx

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