Sunday, 14 August 2011

Cocker spaniel cake pops

My friend Petra visited me in Newcastle this weekend with her 11 month old cocker spaniel Dylan, with whom we holidayed in Brighton earlier this year.

Petra is a keen cook and wanted to learn how to make cake pops. Dylan is just keen - keen to go for a walk, keen to meet new friends, keen to roll in cowpats and keen that my cats be released from the club on a free transfer. They might all be wearing black and white, but there was very poor team morale in the dressing room on Saturday. 

We decided to use Dylan as the model for our cake pops because he is devilishly handsome. He's a blue roan cocker spaniel so dark chocolate was the closest colour to him. We modelled his flared ears by piping chocolate onto plastic spoons, chilling them and then popping the ears off by flexing the spoon. Dylan's best friends are Rico and Cookie who have tan coats. We used a blend of white, milk and orange chocolate for them. The cake inside was chocolate orange, so the orange flavoured chocolate went nicely. Dylan has taken some back to London for a tea party tomorrow. Those London doggies live the life. 

Dylan waited very patiently while we cake popped and was rewarded with a romp on the Town Moor. Yesterday he romped on Alnmouth beach and though he refused to get his paws wet, he did manage to snag a twinkly fish hook in his fur and ran about looking like an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean. Luckily the fisherman found this hilarious (he didn't). 

A brisk walk to Central station meant that Dylan was crashed out on the train before he'd reached Durham. If a neighbour is harbouring my cats, please can you tell them that management apologise and would its little black and white army to return to the club? There'll be a group hug.

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