Wednesday, 3 August 2011

"I Don't Like Icing"

Most people like cake, but not everybody likes the icing on the cake. I admit, even I have my limit when it comes to eating a big slice of pure sugar (it's round about the half kilo mark). 

This week's challenge was to make a cake decorated with CBeebies characters without covering the cake in icing. My solution was to make a plaque of sugar paste that could sit on the cake for decoration, then be whipped off the minute the knife came out and kept for posterity/thrown in the bin.

I really haver about naming children's characters because of copyright issues, but hell here goes. I will state what anyone with eyes and a basic knowledge of children's TV already knows - it's the Octonauts. I can't pretend I have dreamed up some underwater anthropomorphic adventurers that bear a striking but entirely coincidental resemblance to the Octonauts. Children love having their favourite toys/games/cartoons on their cake and it's what they ask for. If I end up in court for it, I am sure I'll have a solid defence in claiming "a small child made me do it". 

The chocolate cake was covered with chocolate ganache (that's the one made with double cream, yum) and I piped the edges. It looked so tasty I half wished I was invited to the party myself.
The cake board is iced because I hate to see a naked board, but nobody's going to eat that. (Are they?)

Lastly, matching cake pops. No icing problems here because they are dipped in Belgian chocolate - vanilla, milk chocolate and orange chocolate with vanilla, chocolate and orange chocolate cake inside.

Keen fans of the Octonauts will notice that I have only depicted four of our eight heroes. Frankly there was no way I was going to do Professor Inkling the Octopus and hope all his legs would survive a journey. Instead I went for the more robust characters - Captain Barnacles the polar bear, Kwazii Kitten, Dr Sherrington the sea otter and Pezo the penguin. Pezo is the brave medic for the team, though I fear on this occasion there is little he can do to help Dr Sherrington.

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